Cory Evans is the Author of Tragedy in America

Cory was raised by primarily by his mother. His father was an out of work coal miner and a drunk who struggled to control his anger. His uncles and mother provided Christian values and a deep regard for God and country. Cory joined the Army at a young age with dreams of becoming a hero and defender of freedom. Overtime he realized his actions in the military meant very little in the grand scheme of things. So he left the military to become a police officer, putting roots down in Louisville Kentucky. He spent years patrolling the most dangerous neighborhoods in a selfless manner. Saving people from burning cars, providing life saving care to gun shot victims, and tirelessly seeking out criminals. Cory felt a deep empathy for the people he helped. Doing his best to raise them above their means. Eventually though due to his conservative beliefs and outspoken demeanor he was targeted by the Biden administration’s weaponized DOJ. They sought to make an example of him. Destroy the man that gave hope yo the hopeless and inspired his peers. They locked him up in federal prison where he was inspired yo write about his journey from American hero to political prisoner. He wrote his first book from inside the walls of a federal prison.